ROANE County, Tennessee

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Roane County was formed in 1801 from Knox and named for Judge Archibald Roane.  Early settlers were Dr. Daniel Rather, Thomas C. Childress, William French, David Patton, Thomas Brown, quarter-master for the garrison at Southwest Point, General John Brown, owner of a large tract of land, including the site of the present Rockwood, and William Brown, who became a prominent lawyer at Knoxville.  The court of pleas and quarter sessions was organized in December, 1801, at the house of Hugh Beatty, at which time William White, Samuel Miller, Hugh Nelson, Paul Harlson, Zacheus Ayer, George Preston, William Campbell, James Preston, Isham Cox, William Barnett, George McPherson, and Abraham McClelland qualified as magistrates.  Early resident lawyers were John Purvis, admitted to practice in 1807, James McCampbell, in 1810, W. C. Dunlap and J. W. Brazeale in 1820, and J. Y. Smith and I. Hope in 1823.  Source: Will T. Hale and Dixon L. Merritt, A History of Tennessee and Tennesseans: the Leaders and Representative Men in Commerce, Industry, and Modern Activities, (Chicago, IL, Lewis Publishing Company, 1913), 819.

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