ROANE County, Tennessee

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Bethel Presbyterian Church

Formation & Organization

On June 6, 1818, six men and twenty women organized Bethel Church.  The original records are still in existence.  The Rev. Isaac Anderson was present and ordained John Purris, Ruling Elder.  John Walker, Samuel Walker, Abraham McClellan were ordained as Elders.  The following were charter members: John Purris, John Walker, Samuel Walker, Abraham McClellan, Roger Barton, George Manifold, Mary Manifold, Mrs. Margaret Walker, Jane Walker, Susan Walker, Sarah Purris, Jane Looney, Jane McCamey, Worthey Bailey, Mrs. Margaret Barton, Ruth Pride, Margaret McCamey, Eliza McClellan, Eliza McCuen, Betsy Walker, Jane Brown, Mary Small, Ann Tucker, Jane Tucker, Fannie Tucker, Mrs. Stephenson, David Patton, John McEwan, Thos. N. Clark, Walter King, Wm. C. McCamey, Trustees.   Source: Emma Middleton Wells, The History of Roane County (Chattanooga, TN, Lookout Publishing Company, 1927), 46-47.


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